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Pilgrimage to Rome
Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy 2015/2016

On December 8th, 2015, feast of the Immaculate Conception, in Rome Pope Francis will open The Holy Door, which will be, the sign of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy until November 20th 2016: a special year dedicated to reflection on the works of mercy “to all that is human” (Misericordiae Vultis 9) and whose motto is “Merciful as the Father“.

Peculiar sign of the Holy Year will be the pilgrimage, which will see Rome as the absolute protagonist: the Holy and Eternal City is preparing to welcome pilgrims from all around the world, who will cross the Gate of Mercy, from different roads experiencing the love of God “that comfots, that forgives and gives hope” (Misericordiae Vultis 3); but also to visit the places that have seen the culmination of the long and dense journey in faith of the Saints Peter and Paul, who made ​​Rome the city hub of Christianity, and the churches that guard the relics of Christ, translated by the first pilgrims who visited the Holy Land.

FrateSole together with the Custody of the Holy Land
propose not only Christian itineraries, but also art and culture, in Rome and throughout Italy.

The pilgrimage is a distinctive sign in the Holy Year, because it is the icon of the journey that each person accomplishes during the course of life here on earth. Life is a pilgrimage and the human being is a viator, a pilgrim who travels the road to the desired goal. Also to reach the Holy Door in Rome or anywhere else, everyone will have to according to the own ability, do a pilgrimage. It will be a sign of the fact that also mercy is a goal to be achieved and that it requires commitment and sacrifice. Be it, the pilgrimage, a stimulus to conversion and by going through the Holy Door will we be embraced by the mercy of God, and we will strive to be merciful to others as the Father is with us.
Misericordiae Vultis 14

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