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The Eternal City
Papal Audience or Papal Angelus

Eternal because Rome is the spiritual heart of the church since the early centuries; because every corner of the city tells a story that is aged thousands of years and suspended in legend

Day 1 Pantheon | Trevi Fountain | P.zza Navona | Spanish Steps

The tour starts with visiting the Pantheon, built by Adriano Emperor between 118 and 125 after a.C. on the ruins of a temple dated 27 b.C.: it was sacred as a church on 609 in the name of Santa Maria ad Martyres. The tour continues by feet to the well-known Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona and Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Steps). Finally accomodation in hotel, dinner and overnight.

Day 2 Colosseum | Roman Forums | Vittoriano | Castel Sant’Angelo

This day will follow Roman footsteps: starting from the Colosseum, symbol of the city by excellence, to continue to Imperial Forums and Roman Forum, the ancient Rome square. Then we will go on to Piazza Venezia, to admire Vittoriano monument and the Capitoline Hill – Campidoglio – the smallest Roman Hill, but the most famous one because of Emperor Marco Aurelio statue with horse. Finally a visit to Castel Sant’Angelo, built as Emperor Adriano mausoleum, then a fortress and a prison: today is an important museum. Accomodation in hotel, dinner and overnight.

Day 3 Vatican Museums | St. Peter

Full day visit of Vatican Museums and St. Peter. In the Museums Popes preserved some of the most important masterpieces of all time. We will admire the Rooms painted by Raffaello and the Sistin Chapel, striclty connected with Michelangelo. Final visit to St. Peter square and Basilica, Bernini’s masterpiece and heart of Catholic Church. Accomodation in hotel, dinner and overnight.

Day 4 Papal Audience or Papal Angelus

After breakfast it will be possible to take part to Papal Audience or Papal Angelus (to be confimed due to availability and dates)

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